February 5th, 2009
Ink on Bristol

Ink on Bristol

I did this comic for Cloudscape’s upcoming “Funday Sunnies” anthology.  I want to share my full colour version, but I’m gonna hold off until the book’s been out for a little while.  You know, so we can sell a few comics before I give everything away for free.  For the moment, you’ll have to make do with this teaser.


February 1st, 2009

Danielle tells the story of her “Frankenhand.” Her two friends react in very different ways.

This was a school exercise (2005) in keeping two characters on the screen at all times, bouncing attention between the two of them. Based off a “found” sound track (I stuck a mic in the room while my friends chatted).  I’m a better animator now, but I figured I would put this one up for posterity.  Plus, it’s still kinda funny, as long as you can actually understand the dialogue – which might be a little garbled and hard to hear at times.