Teutonic Deathsquad

June 16th, 2010
Ink, Photoshop

Ink, Photoshop

The full title of this piece is “Fake Bands that should be Real Bands: Teutonic Deathsquad”.  It’s the first in a series (hopefully!) of fake concert posters for made-up bands.  Each poster will reflect the genre of the bands (and the style of posters that often goes with those genres).

For what it’s worth, Teutonic Deathsquad is a Crusade-death-metal band from Manchester.  They are Christian, but (as their sub-sub-genre suggests), they hold a rather antiquated view of the religion.  No black metal kids would dare to burn down the Deathsquad’s church – they’d wind up with a sword in their guts.  Despite views that differ from most of the metal scene, Teutonic Deathsquad is well-respected in the underground.

Zygote Humanity play a kind of sludgy grindcore, focusing on existentialist themes.  Their music evokes the sheer terror of being alive.

Lucifer’s Hooked Sceptre (three guesses as to what “hooked sceptre” is a euphemism for) are still finding their niche, and have only recently started touring.  They are a fairly run-of-the-mill gory death metal band (with aspirations of one day warranting the label “technical”) but they are young and dedicated, with growing potential.