Pronounced: phone-tography
A portmanteau of “phone” and “photography.”  The idea for this site came from a friend, who suggested that I start a blog to put up all the silly photos I take on my Nokia 6133.  For what it’s worth, none of the images will be edited in any way – just point, shoot, upload.  Since then, I’ve decided this place will serve not only as a depository for pictures I take, but for musings and rants and other wordy things.

I take pictures, but I’m not a photographer.  Still, the internet allows that I can share my half-baked photography with you.

I think about things, but I couldn’t really call myself a philosopher.  Most of what I talk about here has probably been covered with greater depth and eloquence by a “real” philosopher.  Still, the internet allows that I can share my half-baked philosophy with you.

My name’s Christopher Leinonen.  I’ve also got an art portfolio site, which has more visuals than words.  It’s called REANIMATE.

The best way to get in touch with me is by commenting on a post, or through email: chris |at| reanimate ca.

The site layout is basically just the WordPress Default, except that I’ve butchered it a little, and made it a bit more inky. The Photo Gallery was set up with Paul Robinson’s “The Attached Image” plugin.