Teutonic Deathsquad

June 16th, 2010
Ink, Photoshop

Ink, Photoshop

The full title of this piece is “Fake Bands that should be Real Bands: Teutonic Deathsquad”.  It’s the first in a series (hopefully!) of fake concert posters for made-up bands.  Each poster will reflect the genre of the bands (and the style of posters that often goes with those genres).

For what it’s worth, Teutonic Deathsquad is a Crusade-death-metal band from Manchester.  They are Christian, but (as their sub-sub-genre suggests), they hold a rather antiquated view of the religion.  No black metal kids would dare to burn down the Deathsquad’s church – they’d wind up with a sword in their guts.  Despite views that differ from most of the metal scene, Teutonic Deathsquad is well-respected in the underground.

Zygote Humanity play a kind of sludgy grindcore, focusing on existentialist themes.  Their music evokes the sheer terror of being alive.

Lucifer’s Hooked Sceptre (three guesses as to what “hooked sceptre” is a euphemism for) are still finding their niche, and have only recently started touring.  They are a fairly run-of-the-mill gory death metal band (with aspirations of one day warranting the label “technical”) but they are young and dedicated, with growing potential.

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  1. Eric Mangol says:

    Love it Christopher! Great poster. I run a site called Figment that might be right up your alley. It’s basically a design-based social role playing game where you create fake bands, design fake albums and other stuff for them and then try to build fan bases and storm the charts. We did a poster contest back in January – February of this year that was judged by Lonny Unitus and it was a big hit. So check us out if you get a chance – http://www.figment.cc.

    I’ll definitely be following your blog more, because we’re always looking for interesting stuff to share with our players. Keep up the great work.


  2. I can’t wait to see Teutonic Deathsquad. They are probably my favorite band ever!

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